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94 Yard Headshot

94 Yard Headshot - Groundhog Hunting.
94 Yard Headshot - Groundhog Hunting. Wilson EDC X9L

So…where to begin? On Saturday we had some film guys on property working on some projects. Without boring you with all the lurid details, it wasn’t going well at all. Hardware problems. 

On this day is was a MILSURP rifle that was acting up and we didn’t have the means to address it on range. Super frustrating. Compounding the problem is this was our second attempt. Thursday we had tried the same project only to have camera issues. 

And camera people actually ask why I just use iPhones and Apple products. This is why. 

94 Yard Headshot - Groundhog Hunting.
As I found the groundhog. Laying on it’s back.

So…after some frustration with wasting ammo and time, I just called it. Kinda pissed off too when I said it. Everyone could tell I was super peeved. Hell! I could tell I was being crappy. But running The Armory and keeping people on track is actually a job. If shit isn’t working, call it and move on to the 100 other projects we need to get done. 

Camera guys are breaking down equipment, I’ve put the offending MILSURP rifle back in the truck and walk back towards the rifle range shelter. And just then I see plain as day. The damn groundhog just sitting on the hill below the 100/115 yard target array. 

94 Yard Headshot - Groundhog Hunting.
Looking at the carcass, a headshot did it in,

“You have got to be fucking shittn’ me!”, I yell as my mind frantically is searching for a rifle that isn’t there. Any rifle. After a few seconds of agony I mutter, “Fuck it. Eyes and ears!” as I draw my CCW pistol and brace it against the shelter post. 

Aiming for the head, first shot is close but a miss. Groundhog doesn’t seem to react. Second shot, the groundhog flinches and started to work it’s way out of sight to the right. Third shot, miss. 

Thinking it got away we went about doing other things. It was only an hour later that I stumbled upon the carcass just out of sight from where I was engaging it. Maybe 2 feet. Pleasantly surprised and pleased with myself, I pulled out my CCW pistol, held it in frame and snapped a hero pic. 

94 Yard Headshot - Groundhog Hunting.
94 Yard Headshot – Groundhog Hunting. Wilson EDC X9L

It was only when we flipped the groundhog over during the process of disposal did I see the headshot impact. Yeah! I’ll take it! 94 yards measured with a laser. 5” Wilson EDC X9L, 9mm ball, Trijicon SRO red dot on top. 

What a difference just a few seconds can make. And if I hadn’t told the camera guys to tear it all down, we could have gotten me on video shooting, and the groundhog being shot on the second target camera!  






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