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Observation – Lost Titanic Sub

Oceangate - Titan Sub.
Lost Titan Sub at Titanic wreck sight.

Watching the sunken sub story has been very interesting to me. Firstly, it’s the story of the summer. Shark attacks or man bites dog kind of thing. It drives the clicks. Secondly, has been the need for hot takes by people who OBVIOUSLY don’t know anything regarding subs. The third wave comes with the gotcha crowd acting all holier-than-thou saying, “It’s a submersible not a submarine you heathens”. And finally it ends with the fourth wave of universal-virtue signaling by folks judging those involved and pretending they knew the right answers about “submersibles” the whole time. 

This takes 4 days for the average talking head to go from zero to subject-matter-hero. Pretty soon they will put their bookends on this story and move on to the next no-nothing commentary. No fact checks needed. No score cards counted. Move along. Nothing to see here. Oh look! A shiny coup in Russia!!!!

The amount of hubris and disrespect this takes is breathtaking to me. But consider the following. Think about other major stories the media has covered during the last 24 months. What they’ve reported. How they’ve reported it. And the general narrative of that reporting. I don’t care if it’s FOX news or CNN. Did their statements and conclusions also go through this 4-day metamorphosis? Were they following the facts as they developed? Or were they adjusting narratives to serve their world view, or just as likely, peacocking to make themselves look like experts. You know, “The Most Trusted Name In News” kinda bullshit. 

Real smart people when asked about new things will respond with, “I don’t know” then go from there. The I don’t know conveys real intelligence and the exact opposite of mainstream, media hubris: humility. 

Be mindful of who’s counsel you take. 






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