Ed Brown 9mm 1911 Magwell Install

9mm 1911 Magwell Install

Some of the, “The Boys” have been showing up with hi-capacity STI 1911s, chambered in 9mm. The Staccato-P to be exact. Hopefully soon I will get a chance to shoot one. 

But it reminded me that I too have a 9mm 1911 somewhere in The Armory. And since 1911s are going to start being in circulation on the range? I better get tuned up and ready to run same. 


Staccato-P with 24 or 26 round magazines.

It’s been a while.

We bought this particular 1911 many, many years ago. And it has sat barely shoot ever since. Hell! Never even installed the new magwell that came with it!

Ed Brown 9mm 1911 Magwell Install

The OG MSH was stainless. The new one is blued. NBD.

Finally this week, we did just that. But I accidentally damaged the leaf spring in the process (Don’t ask). So tuned and installed a new version of that part as well. 

Next is function testing and heating it up. 

Ed Brown 9mm 1911 Magwell Install

Ed Brown 9mm 1911. Single stack. Steel frame.

Pretty soon, this gun won’t look so new anymore. Which is how I prefer it. Now I just need to figure out how to reload this gun 3 times for every one of their reloads with the 26rd Staccato’s. 

Good grief! I’m swimming in the deep water, People! 







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