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All Steel 9mm Handguns

All Steel 9mm Handguns. Ed Brown 1911.
All Steel 9mm Handguns. Ed Brown 1911.

So it seems the latest trend at the last few SHOT Shows is to take traditionally polymer framed guns and make them in all steel. 

If the motive isn’t obvious? It’s reducing perceived recoil felt by the shooter. Usually manifested as muzzle-flip. Super cool. Glad to see it happening. 

But…it got me thinking, “Hey! We have an all steel 9mm handgun in The Armory”. A barely used Ed Brown 5” 1911. 

And since it looks like some 2011’s will be making their way to our ranges this year. I figured I would break the Ed Brown out, finally attach the magwell, and futz with it for a bit. 

While the capacity sucks, the ergonomics for me are fantastic. Having carried a 1911 professionally for 12 years, it’s not a pistol that intimidates me in the least. They feel like a comfy pair or gym shoes. 

Of course…I won’t be keeping up with 26 round 2011 SWAT guns with only 9 or 10 in the mag. But it will be fun to try. Hence the dry reloads. 






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