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Anonymous Benefactor Steel Rifle Target

So…we’ve been getting alerts from the Post Master that we needed to stop by the loading dock for a pickup. Urgently. Frankly with the end of year nonsense, limited holiday schedules and some pressing meetings, this has kinda been ignored. 

So…finally we made it down to the mail center to address the issue. And when the nice woman comes back around the corner with a package, obviously straining under the weight, I’m thinking, “This has to be a mistake. We wouldn’t have something heavy shipped to the center?”

So…imagine my surprise and shock upon opening the package and seeing a steel target! Obviously something we need on the new rifle range. “Who ordered this?”, was all I could mutter to the USPS employee. As if she knew anything about rifle ranges. 

Looking at the paperwork, it all became clear. Unexpected. Kind of shocking. But clear. 

For security reasons I don’t care to explain, this benefactor has chosen to remain anonymous. But the gift is so well thought out, that it deserves recognition. Expect to see it getting hammered in The Pit during the 2019 shooting season. 

In closing. Thank You. 






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