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Armory Chat EP 07


Quick video from the armory. The day before I am to head back out on the road I discover my main CCW holster is damaged.

Pistol: HK VP9. Holster: Keeper’s Concealment, “The Keeper”.

UPDATE: 11-11-2016

Before shipping the holster off to the maker for evaluation, I discovered a second crack at the top of the holster. I have highlighted the cracks in these images. Working theory right now. Again, this is only a theory and I can’t prove or disprove it. I suspect what is happening is the holster is being fatigued / stressed when I am bending over at the waist.

How much am I bending over? Think of it as touching your toes. While I don’t make it a habit of “touching my toes” with a AIWB holster attached to my body, I don’t limit my waist articulation while carrying AIWB either. Or put another way: unless I am picking up heavy weight, I don’t feel the need to “pick things up with my legs”.

The crack at the top of the holster, I am guessing is a result of waist bending and not from extensive holstering / un-holstering. But to reiterate the point…I DON’T DESIGN HOLSTERS and don’t play a holster designer on TV. My guess is as good as any of yours.


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