Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Ravi Rikhye has studied defense for 58-years and written, co-written, or edited about 30 books; several concerned India and he was refused permission to publish. Each of the books is more boring than the previous. His latest, “An analysis of India’s ability to fight a 2-front war” (Amazon Kindle) is 184,000 words long and has sold five copies in three weeks. For him, that’s a best-seller. Ravi is also a perpetual student, though he took his first bachelors only in 1994. He is currently doing a seventh masters, in Intelligence Management. Two PhD theses are held up because he hasn’t been able to pay fees.

New Frigate: US Navy Gets it Right

US Navy Selects Fincantieri FREMM Frigate Design. FFGx
Was a time 70-80 years ago when a 7,400-ton surface warship was a light cruiser. These days, it’s a frigate. The last frigate delivered...

Killing a US Carrier

Aircraft carriers are nowhere near as vulnerable as popularly believed and are essentially unsinkable except by nuclear-weapons. Modern US carrier can absorb a dozen...

Chinese Expansion in the Indian Ocean

In 1971, the last Royal Navy squadron east of Suez departed for home, leaving a power vacuum. It seemed logical the US would replace...

What Does The Mysterious X-37 Do?

Truthfully, no one still knows. So here we have the X-37, which looks like a mini-shuttle a rich person might for her kids to play...

Trump is Right to Pressure NATO on its Spending

A big problem with President Trump is not his basic ideas, most of which are good, but the way he expresses them. So it...

Immigration: Convoluted Thinking

All Americans are immigrants, even the so-called native Americans who migrated from Siberia. In my case, I am an immigrant of color. Every since...

Indian AF Did Not Detect PLAAF J-20

In April 2018 the Indian Air Force held its largest exercise ever, flying 11,000 sorties of all kinds over 11-days. The exercise generated some...