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Ukraine update April 14, 2022 0900 US EDT

Ukraine v Russia war update. April 14th, 2022. Ravi Rikhye
Ukraine v Russia war update. April 14th, 2022. Ravi Rikhye

To save time, I am not giving URLs but you can easily find them yourself.

1, Moscova cruiser

Russian Missile Cruiser Moskva.
Russian Missile Cruiser Moskva.

1a. Russia says the ship is being towed to port and the crew was successfully evacuated.

1b. Ukraine says Moscova was hit by two Ukraine-design anti-ship missiles.

Neptune Anti-Ship Missile
Ukrainian land based Neptune Anti-Ship Missile.

1c. Open source radio intercepts say only 55 of the 480 crew are confirmed rescued.

1d. After that catastrophic loss of lives, the ship must be sunk, right? Well, no. Neptune SSM (based on Russia Kh-35) has only a 150-kg warhead designed for warships 5000-ton and less warships. The ship could have taken two hits and not sunk. We know it capsized (said by Russia) and was floating on its side. Therefore potential recoverable.

Layout of the Russian Cruiser Moskva (aka Moscow)
Layout of the Russian Cruiser Moskva (aka Moscow)

1e. Contra point 1d: the ammunition magazines also blew up; the damage is much greater than 2 x 150-kg warheads. BTW, remember that to reduce warship weight, Russian warships carry significant ammunition on main deck level. So it really is possible the explosion was an accident.

1f. I estimate Ukraine has one Neptune battery with 4 launchers, each with 4 cells, with two more batteries being equipped.

1g. One media source grandly proclaims Russia has lost its largest warship. Not really. The 48,000-ton Typhoon SSBN Dimitry Donesky is largest. Hello, submarines are warships too.

1h. Moscova was hit in the 2008 Georgia war, but was repaired.

2. Latest US arms package includes

2a. 11 Mil-17s acquired for Afghanistan – significant.

2b 18 x 155mm howitzers – insignificant.

2c. 300 x Switchblade drones (on top of previous 100) – significant if 600 version (anti-tank), if 300 version only helpful.

US made Switchblade loitering munition.
US made Switchblade loitering munition.

2d. Counter battery radars. My intuitive estimate is that 4 were previously delivered, likely 4 more in package – useful.

3. Mauripol

Ukrainian Marines Mariupol.
Ukrainian 36th Marines Surrendering to Russian forces after 40 days of fighting. They ran out of supplies.

3a. Ukraine admits some marines surrendered, but most of 36 Marine Brigade managed to link up with Azov battalion. (Remember: next you hear Azov = fascists, Russia has its Donbas fascist battalion = Sparta. and why should it matter to the media: Azov has put up a heroic fight in defense of its country. The real fascists, ironically, are Russian.

4. Possibility of Russia internal revolt.

4a. Is exactly zero.

4b. Russian internal propaganda is highly effective, news is tightly controlled. The average Russian is highly patriotic and believes s/he is fighting a mortal enemy.





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