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Bushnell TRS-25: Dot and Adjustment Issues

Bushnell TRS-25 Failure

Freeze was on the range today zeroing some rifles. One of them was an AR-15 with a TRS-25 on it. While shooting it at 100 yards to fine-tune the dot, I noticed it didn’t seem like it was taking adjustment. Then the red dot started to blink out under recoil (1 day old new battery, BTW). 

Now for the next questions I will receive: What RDS do I recommend YOU buy? Frankly I do not know. We are not gear reviewers. I will say that my main-go-to RDS is an AIMPOINT Micro.

How did I come to that decision? I didn’t. My old employer practically mandated it. So that is what I got. They had their reasons. 

I too have some cheaper optics, but they are relegated to range-work. The AIMPOINT has been running strong on multiple rifles for 7 or 8 years. By having one I know I can trust that much, it makes it much easier to “play” with the lower tiers. 

That’s something most folks won’t admit. Having quality stuff gives the user air cover to play and experiment with the other stuff. 

A video will be along in a week or so. I hope. 






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