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C96 Red 9 in The Armory

C96 Broom Handle Red 9 pistol.

Figured I would show this. It’s a Mauser C96 chambered in 9mm Parabellum. Yes, the same caliber as your Glock 9×19 mags. 

Every collection needs a C96 for three reasons: 

  1. It’s Han Solo’s gun! Yes, really. 
  2. It’s considered the first commercially successful automatic pistol. 
  3. It’s look is unique in the extreme. 

Without getting into all the details, there were two exigent circumstances that drove us to make a run at this particular C96 example. First, is the common caliber, thus leading to the “Red 9” designation because of the grip markings. 

But more importantly, this gun is definitely shooter-grade. It has been professionally refinished and has one critical part that is not serial numbers matching. 

The refinish just kills it’s appeal for the high end collectors. But for a working reference collection? It’s perfect! Should it get dinged up or heaven forbid a part breaks on it? We don’t take the financial loss in value. It’s just another broken gun that needs to be fixed. 

In this case, somebody worked hard to fluff and buff this gun to bring it up to reasonable standards. And we just happened to be the perfect customer to buy it. 

Every gun has a story. And every gun has a buyer. 

Shooting and videos will have to come later. We are doing a large, steel target install this week. 






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