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When The Wind Doesn’t Blow

When the wind doesn't blow.

We are still trying to get used to the particulars of the new rifle range. And one of the most interesting aspects is it’s unique wind characteristics. 

The rifle range sits very high relative to most of the area. As such, we don’t get a lot of protection from the west to east winds that tend to cross the country. Our facility is blocking that wind for everyone behind us!

I am not saying we get the same wind conditions that mountains west of us experience. But we regularly get wind events as hight as 20-25MPH on even clear days. 

Not all the time. Not even most of the time. But just enough that it makes longer range rifle shooting very interesting. Some days we are wind zero. Some days shooters will get quite a bit of wind-call time. 

I noticed it initially when designing our proposed shooting tower. Officer Mike pointed it out down low when he was banging some of the new steel targets. 

This is just another example of how blessed we are to have this range. And how even the littlest of things are working out to be positives. 







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