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Dear F. Class Competitors

My Number 1 Grip about rude F/TR Shooters.

When F/TR Competitors sit around and wonder why their numbers are not growing at the rates of other shooting sports, look in the mirror. I have seen too many of you jokers disparage a potential new shooter’s rifle under the guise of, “Giving him truthful information”.


When a noob is inquiring if he can shoot his RPR, Remington 700 or other factory scoped rifle in your game, chances are that is his BEST gun. His favorite gun. Or his ONLY gun. Instead of giving him a lecture that basically infers he needs to drop a few thousand on a new rifle, I suggest you respond with positivity and encouragement.

Why don’t you just say, “Hey! That sounds like fun! Why don’t we shoot together! Bring your rifle and let’s figure it out!” Or…you can keep doing it your way, wondering why your local matches aren’t really that busy.

If it were up to me, and I was king of the range, I’d start putting some of you clowns on time-out. And if that didn’t right the ship, I would shut these matches down completely. Take your fancy-asses someplace else.

For smart guys, you really can be quite stupid sometimes.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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