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Officer has given up eyes and angle. Perp is now working his angle.

This video is making the rounds and some have been inquiring about it. So instead of typing the Facebook comments and messages over on social media, I will just direct my limited comments here.

One, this video sucks. A hero fell. And now someone like me gets to sit back in my comfy chair and QB the whole F’ing thing. That sucks. So before I go further, consider the multiple problems the police officer was dealing with:

He’s alone.
Initial reports were multiple shooters so he didn’t know how many social-justice-jackasses he was dealing with.
He is also on the receiving end of incoming fire from his colleagues.
He is running the serious, serious, serious risk of being ID’d as a bad guy and actually targeted by friendlies.

This police officer is running into the preverbal meat-grinder here. And for all you night-elf-xbox-ninjas out there who have all the special forces answers: I don’t know of any SF units who fight this kind of fight as a solo actor. This cop had balls of steel and don’t you fucking forget it!!!

Two, in the real world many times good guys eat it. Doesn’t matter who they are or what they know. One guy steps left when he should have stepped right and it’s over. It happens. Which is why professional practice this kind of stuff over and over and over and over.

Three, some fundamental, and I mean fundamental, concepts in the CQB role is “distance is your friend” and “try to never give-up, what you’ve taken”. It seems as if every weekend warrior and his brother has heard of “slicing the pie”. Which is great. But slicing the pie at distance is astronomically better.

So…look closely at what this officer is doing. He is crowding his cover. Giving the adversary the larger pieces of pie. But as I alluded to previously, he may not have had a choice with incoming, friendly fire. Sucks.

And finally, while crowding his cover and giving his opponent better angles, he “gives up” eyes on his target. The rule is, once you come around a corner you own that corner. Doubly so if you actually “pick-up” a target. Dropping back leaves you short on distance and blind on target.

Officer has given up eyes and angle. Perp is now working his angle.
Officer has given up eyes and angle. Perp is now working his angle.

In this case it was fatal.

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. How many god-damn times have I made the same “mistake” in training only to get “killed” enough to finally learn my lesson?



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