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Don’t Buy Pistols Without Optics Plates

HK P30 - LEM Trigger.
HK P30 LEM Trigger.

So…here is an example of how I have to within my own boundary conditions. Been looking out for a HK P30 LEM pistol for a while. Ran across one while on an errand for The Armory. 

HK P30, in 9mm, with factory LEM trigger installed. Cool, right? Wrong. It did not have an optics cut and I DO NOT buy modern guns without optics cuts. 

HK P30 - LEM Trigger.
HK P30 LEM Trigger, no RDS cut. So didn’t buy it.

Why? Because should I ever want to do something significant with it, I will have to take to our machine shop and have it cut. Trust me,  that just sucks rocks. 

Old guns, good deals on used guns, MILSURP guns? Lacking an RDS cut is no big deal. But on a new gun it is a dead in water deal breaker. 

And I suggest you follow the same rule. Lest in 10 years, you end up having a bunch of guns cut for a RDS later. Money that adds up quick, for a mod that will never be factory. 

I hated to do it, but this P30 was a pass. 






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