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Escort Wrestles Gun Away From Serial Killer, Shoots Him

Tool Recovered From Killer's Car

There is a story coming out of Charleston, WV (Charleston-Gazette-Mail) I’m sure that City Fathers wish wasn’t so. But it seems a serial killer that has been targeting escorts, hookers and prostitutes in multiple states was shot and killed. By the very escort he had targeted. With his own gun.

Neal Falls, 45. Serial Killer
Neal Falls, 45. Serial Killer

Inside his car cops found handcuffs, body armor, shovel, axe, and bleach. It appears some items law enforcement found in his car seem to connect him to murders in Ohio and Las Vegas.

Killer's Pistol and Handcuffs
Killer’s Pistol and Handcuffs

This won’t some as a surprise to our law enforcement readers, but wherever you find escorts and strippers, you will find gangsters, drug dealers and frankly…serial killers. It’s uncommon when a serial is detected that HASN’T killed a hooker. So word to the wise, if there’s a hooker or escort in your universe, there’s always accompanying problems. Even the hookers with hearts of gold can keep the crazies away forever.  The best advice is to spot making excuses and generally avoid them.


No for the home gamers, take a look at this story. What made the difference? Was it a gun? Maybe. It ended up killing the bad guy. But keeping your wits and having some empty hand skills sure doesn’t hurt either. And it never hurts to be lucky. Especially if you set yourself up to be lucky.

Escort Who Shot Falls
Escort Who Shot Falls

Have you ever considered what you would do if someone gets close to you and pulls a gun or knife? The reason I ask is predators don’t strike from across a room. They like to get in close and attack when you have no time to react. Much like how a Great White Shark strikes from directly below. If you face predators, many times that is enough to drive them off. Too risky. Not a sure thing.

Tool Recovered From Killer's Car
Tools Recovered From Killer’s Car

BTW…authorities have stated they have found a list of escorts this man was targeting. This story will only get bigger. Because investigators will want to interview these woman and try to figure out his movement history and how he acquired his targets.




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