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Out on the waterways of America

Had a chance in 2016 to try my hand at fly fishing. I had a stunted start, but finished strong as I figured out casting AND bug theory. Yes. That is what I call it, “Bug theory”.

Basically you have to look at the water and see what the fish sees. And then try to guess where he would decide to hang and then position your, “fly” to float on by.

I know I am butchering that for our River Runs Through It crowd, but you get my point.

The final highlight of the trip? I got in trouble. Potentially big trouble. But it ultimately blew over without much damage to me: A sitting US Senator expressed why he didn’t understand how someone like Trump was riding his wave of populism to what was eventually victory in the 2016 election. And it seemed like he was asking for a response.

My workspace on the water. Can’t see my HK VP9. Trust me. It’s there and accessed quickly.  😉

If you ask me directly? If you solicit my opinion? I will give it to you. Apparently U.S. Senators aren’t used to such talk. Of course I was thoroughly chastised by higher-ups later on.

The irony of the exchange, and subsequent newspaper to my nose; in the context of the 2016 election of Trump, is still lost on most parties. I know for sure is on, “Senator Populism”. To this day he still gets on TV talking out of both sides of his mouth.

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