Hornady Critical Duty 40 in M&P 40

Hornady Critical Duty Ammo with M&P 40 & Smith & Wesson Shield

A good friend of our was wanting to test out his carry ammunition on a S&W Shield 40. It’s the same ammo he uses in his full sized M&P 40. But like anything, one needs to test carry ammo in carry guns before use. I have never carried a Shield or used the Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition. But I can report that both guns worked great.

  • Off-hand hits on steel at 25 yards? Check.
  • Limp-Wrist Function Test? Check.
  • Full-Speed Magazine Dump Tests? Check.
  • Non-Standard Firing Positions Test. Check.
  • Extractor Tension Function Test. Check.
  • Chasing-The-Dot-Drills. Check.

This may come in handy for those of you who are interested in the combination. But YOU must test it yourself in your gun. Oh goodie! An excuse to go shooting.

You’re welcome.




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