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Oddly enough, I was asked to join a Safari hunt this past winter. It’s going on right now.
Would I have bought a lion tag? No. I’d rather spend $50,000 on some Class 3 weapons. First.

But dangerous game is on my bucket list. I’m not a poacher. I’m a hunter. I eat the meat and mount the hides.If you don’t like me now? fine. You won’t get an invite for deer chili, zebra stew and elk burgers. Your loss.

If you want to get educated about African hunting, love it or hate it; read Death In The Long Grass by Peter Chapstick. It’s not a book about how to be a hunter. It’s a book about how dangerous African game hunting really is. And for all you anti-hunters, there’s something for you: hunters being killed by game.

You’re welcome.


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