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Kraken Buys a Wilson X9 4 Inch

Kraken Buys A Wilson X9 Pistol
Kraken Buys A Wilson X9 Pistol

I was in Omaha about two weeks ago and stumbled across a Wilson Combat X9 4 inch.  It was the first one I had seen in the wild and was quite surprised to stumble across it.  I convinced myself that I did not need it that day and left without it.  I ruminated on it for the next two weeks and actually asked Marky to give me a reason not to go get it.  Marky was not much help and my wife has actually placed him on the bad influence list.

I did a little horse trading Saturday and brought it home.  Initial impression was not what I thought it would be.  The grip is considerably smaller than Staccatos and not square feeling.  It fills my hand nicely and is probably the best feeling of all of my handguns balance wise.  I unfortunately will be out of town with no opportunity to shoot it for about ten days but it is definitely on the top of the to do list upon my return.  An addendum to this continuing story will be the complete and utter disappointment of a particular rifle that I had high hopes for.  





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