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Larry Vickers Guilty on NFA Charges

Larry Vickers Please Guilty
Larry Vickers Please Guilty

If you are reading this headline asking yourself, “For what?”. I am right there with you. I too had heard the LAV had been raided by the FBI a while back. 

Frankly the rumors were that Larry had gotten behind on the FFL paperwork since he was fighting cancer. 

Larry Vickers Please Guilty
Using demo law letters to convert post sample NFA guns into personally owned guns.

Well…it turns out I was wrong. It now appears LAV has gotten himself jammed up with the BATFE by using Law Letter Demos as a vector to skirt the NFA for the purposes of increasing his gun collection. 

Larry Vickers Please Guilty
Appears Larry is still in legal jeopardy.

Perhaps rumors of this have been out for a while. But between you and me, honestly I am in complete shock! LAV? Gun charges? NFA violations? Is he under disability now? Wow. 

First reports are he has plead to some charges, but might still be facing adjudication on others.

Just wow. 







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