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Avidity Arms PD10 Malfunction.
Avidity Arms - PD10 Review

While going through the first shots with the Avidity Arms PD10, I experienced a malfunction that is super rare! The brass back into the chamber stoppage. I haven’t seen one of these in a pistol, personally, in close to 20 years. 

Two take aways from this video: 

First, I wish I had just decided to record the first shots on video. That would have caught snake eyes in film. Kinda like catching a lightening strike on film. 

Second, while the gun was malfunctioning quite a bit when first being shot, it does seem to be “breaking-in” as I shoot it more. It will be interesting to see if the PD10 settles in in just a few more mags. 

Should it do so, I would be willing to shoot drills with it on the clock. As for why, my disdain for pocket rocket guns from all makers is well known. The Avidity folks have taken an approach to the CCW market that every 1911 shooter intuitively knows. Thin guns, that are full gripped, are not only super easy to conceal, but shoot effectively. 

In essence the footprint of the PD10 is the same as a single stack 1911 commander. That intrigues me. 






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