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Shotgun Security Overkill?

The Browning 725 O/U Sporting Clays Shotgun. !2 Gauge

Admittedly I am not a big wing shooter. I have one Browning O/U that has been in my possession for almost 20 years. But I occasionally fondle O/U’s on the store shelves. Perhaps I am looking to be inspired? Or perhaps I am looking to keep up on, what to me, seems to be a slow innovation sector of the firearms market?

O/U’s haven’t really changed in many years. 

But this Browning 725 seemed just different enough to warrant a fondling. 

They hand me the gun and I notice the trigger is covered. Ok. Sure. Why not? I go to break open the action to show clear and…what in the hell are those!? Apparently fixed plugs to keep Al Qaeda from dropping in some birdshot and storming the…skeet field? 

Who knows?

But it struck me as unusual. I have never been in a gun store, that I recall, where all the guns on the shelves were so completely neutered and locked down. Even SHOT shot isn’t this bad! No big deal. Handed the double back to the attendant and thanked her for the look-see. 





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