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SHS 38 – Colt M2012 Bolt Action Rifle

SHS 38 Colt M2012 Cooper Firearms Rifle

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we are looking at a rifle I have never seen before. It’s a Colt branded bolt action rifle built by Cooper Firearms of Montana. if you don’t know Cooper, they are a high-end rifle shop know for their extremely accurate hunting rings. And Wooo-Boy! This one is a doozie! Check out the test target! 3 bullets in one hole. Not a perfect hole. But not THAT far off, either. Way better than, “just 3-holes touching”. 

The details:

  • Maker: Colt Firearms.
  • The Real Maker: Cooper Firearms of Montana.
  • Model: Colt M2012
  • Action: Bolt action.
  • Magazine: detachable mag. 
  • Fit: Free floated. 
  • Caliber: 308
  • Condition: New in box. (NIB).
  • Barrel length: 22” stainless.
  • Muzzle device: Surefire removable break. 
  • Recoil pad: Pachmayr 
  • Stock: Manners fiberglass.
  • Scope base: 0 MOA 1913. 
  • Sling attachments: 3. 
  • Factory test target. 168g SMK. Hand-loads. One hole. 


If you are looking for something unique, well made, extremely accurate and are fans of either Cooper or Colt firearms, this is THE gun for you!

If you wish to contact the dealer directly, please click the link below:







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