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Strangest New Product At SHOT?

Bullet Safe Baseball Hat

Editor’s note: As an industry professional I am calling bullshit on this product hands down. Scott’s job is to get along with people and move through the industry circles. And he does that VERY well. He knows everyone and we are lucky to have him. He’s referring to this as, “strange”. I’m referring to it as bullshit.  He’s just being more tactful than I am. Even if the hat stops the round, the skull and brain are still mush. Is that “acceptable” to you?  –Marky 

This has to be the strangest thing I saw at SHOT this year, but if you think about it, a bulletproof baseball cap makes a lot of sense. The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is made of ballistic materials that will stop the desired bullets with acceptable levels of back face deformation. The company is increasingly confident that it can pass the frontal portion of the NIJ helmet test for level IIA.

Hats will initially be available in black only with your choice of three sizes: small, medium/large and extra large. The hard ballistic panel rests upon the wearer’s forehead and weighs about 7 ounces. They are discreet with no real difference between the bulletproof hat and a premium fitted baseball cap. They are also fairly inexpensive as far as “body armor” goes. The retail price will be just $129.


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