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Springfield Armory 10-8 Function Test

This video is going to be filled with my biases and some tropes. It’s is inevitable. But they are based in reality and facts....

eXperior 1911 Dominates 10-8 Test

The Wilson Combat eXperior 1911 has passed the 10-8 Function Test.  What makes this more impressive, is the gun is a single stack, chambered in...

Ed Brown Extractor Testing

Ok. Have to check the logs, but there are somewhere around 1000 rounds through this gun. I have seen some indications the extractor wasn’t...

STI DVC-P 10-8 Function Test

“Officer Mike”, has let us borrow this STI 2011 pistol. This is a double stack 9mm with a huge muzzle break on it.  Frankly, not...