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SHS 28 – Springfield 1903 MK1

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we have a 1903 Springfield rifle. But not just any 1903. A MK1. What is that...

Pedersen Device 1903 Rifle

So today I ran across something at my favorite FFL that I have never, ever, ever seen before. A 1903 Springfield that has been...

POTD — Korean Era 1903 with Unertl Scope

This photo was presented to me as being taken during the Korean War. I have not looked too deeply to verify that info because...
1903 Sniper M1 Garand Sniper

Mil-Surp Snipers are Fun as Hell

I have to admit it. I am on a military-surplus sniper rifle kick. In my real life, I desire and need extremely accurate rifles....

1903 “Air Service” Springfield with 20 Round Magazine

At Camp Perry this year, I saw probably the weirdest 1903 I will ever lay my eyes on. Looked like a regular 1903 but...