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1891 Carcano

1891 Carcano Fatal Flaw Chapter 2

So…the first video I filmed test firing the 1891 Carcano rifle had all kinds of problems. The wind was terrible, making the audio almost...
Carcano Bayonet

1891 Carcano Bayonet

Do you like Bayonets? I like bayonets. And what I mean by that in firearms terms is, a bayonet makes a gun whole. If...
Carcano rifle

1891 Carcano Rifle

Cleaning up some old business. In addition to the Vetterli rifle, we also picked up another 6.5 Carcano chambered rifle: The 1891 Carcano.  What makes...

Actual Kennedy – Oswald Ammo.

Years ago I bought a box of reloading stuff. It was a mismatched batch of powder, bullets, some dies and other what nots. In...