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Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrel. J. Sip & Sons. 308.

First Shots – Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrel 

Most of you will find this video dull and uneventful. What I am doing is shooting the J. Sip & Sons Blaser Tactical 2...
Blaser Tactical Law Enforcement Buy

Blaser Tac 2 Law Enforcement Buy

It has been brought to my attention that a US based police department is negotiating a ONE-TIME buy for Blaser Tactical 2 barrels. These would...

Found Blaser 338LM Magazines 

Thanks to a follower we were able to source some factory new, Blaser 338 Lapua magazines; from a retail vender in Europe. Specifically Germany.  Special...

Blaser Tactical 2 Service Manuals 

Special thanks to “Officer Jerry” for sending over some very neat manuals for the Blaser Tactical 2. An official Armourer’s Manual and a official...

Dear F. Class Competitors

When F/TR Competitors sit around and wonder why their numbers are not growing at the rates of other shooting sports, look in the mirror....