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SHS 37 – Colt 1903 Shooter Grade

Previously we featured a collector grade 1903 that was asking for top dollar. Now we have something a little more in my wheelhouse. A...

SHS 29: Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless (Type 3)

What we have here is something usual. Not because of what it is. But because of it’s condition. The dealer is not representing the...

POTD – Colt 1903 Pistol

The only reason I didn’t buy this pistol is because of the caliber: 32acp. That is not a caliber I support. Simple as that.  But..this...

Colt 1903

When I saw Marky’s post about the PD seizing a Colt hammerless 32, it reminded me that I have one. I suspect Marky lusts...
Colt 1903 on hood of Patrol Car.

PD Seize Colt Hammerless 32

Freeze shared this with me a few days ago. PD receives a 9-1-1 call about a road-rage incident claiming the assailant fired a weapon....