Friday, September 24, 2021
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Internal vs External Extractors on 1911s

While setting up the reset rope on our new falling plate rack, I address my personal feelings about the internal vs external 1911 debate.  I...

Rant – Why I Don’t Care About Colt

Subject came up this week. The on-going dramas and failures of Colt as a business. While the subject of Colt might be popular fodder...

POTD — Bringing Out The Old Girl

Carried this gun for 12 years. It’s been to hell and back. Hell! I’ve even hit a few people with it. Refinished twice I...

Curing Hammer Bite Circa 1985

Back in the mid 80’s I was a young, broke guy who wanted to get into shooting competition. I had a friend who introduced...

Yaqui Style Holsters Are Bullcrap

This needs to stop. Seriously. Stop buying these pieces of crap. Stop wearing these pieces of crap. Stop pretending these aren’t pieces of crap....

WWI Colt Detail Strip

This is a belated followup to a post from last year. We rescued a WWI Colt 1911…literally a pre-WWI manufactured gun…from the “wanna-be armorer...

Shrapnel Damaged 1911 from Battle of The Bulge

Some very interesting photographs have been circulating around the internet today. They purport to show a US Government issued Colt M1911 that was recovered...

A 1923 Colt Commercial

Freeze’s 1923 Commercial Colt We were out with some friends and family earlier this year. It was a casual fun-day. Some of the more experienced...

WW1 Colt Shadow Box

How I came to take possession of this old Colt is an interesting story in itself. One can't readily tell from this photograph, but...