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Beretta 92D - loquacious

Beretta – Loquacious Likes The D

Before you watch this video, I want to confess something. I am a hypocrite. Not now. Now tomorrow. Not yesterday. But forever and apparently...

Pistol Pit is Operational

It’s been a long summer. First it rained most of the season. Now it’s getting cold and dry. When I still need some rain...

Beretta 92D Left Behind

How does a Beretta get a beauty picture around here? You’re cleaning guns at the Armory and realize this handgun was left in the...

POTD — Beretta 92D Police Trade-In 

Take delivery of a Beretta 92D. The DAO version of the venerable M9 pistol. And the question is asked, “Are we sure it’s a...