Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Freeze Holds the M16a4 FN Military Collector

Freeze Eyes the M16A4

Being a dyed in the wool MILSURP collector, I think this rifle ticks all the boxes for him. Modern enough for all the ergonomic...

Video — My Argument for the Forward Assist

This is something I have thought for quite sometime. I have carried weapons as a hobby. I have carried weapons for sport. And I...

Armory Chat EP06: FN Military Collector M16A4

We’ve had some questions, and seen some questions comments, about the FN M16A4 Military Collector rifle recently. Decided to do a Armory Chat session...

Don’t Tell Me This Isn’t a Service Rifle

A few months back, I had gotten into a little snit with a guy working the counter at Bud’s Guns in Lexington, Ky. I...

Episode 28 of the John1911 Podcast

Episode 28 of the John1911 Podcast. Scott Mayer is off hunting in Africa. 30,000 people argue with us about the Gorilla Shooting. Trip to...

FN-15 Military Collector M16A4 At Buds

Over the holiday weekend, I had a chance to run over to Bud’s gun shop to do some window shopping. I did this for...