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DOC shooting SCAR-20s Thunder Beast

POTD – DOC Shooting SCAR-20s

Doc was on the range Friday for a pre-scheduled event. Brought his SCAR-20s.  The SCAR ran fine. The ammo ran fine. But now he has...
Keep Those Cans Tight. SCAR-20

Keep Those Cans Tight – SCAR-20

Doc sent these over from the range. Shooting his SCAR-20. 100 yards. —editor     Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
SCAR-20 155g Handload Data. TMK.

SCAR-20 155g Load Data

Here is Doc’s load data for the 155g TMKs. The groups are 10 rounds each. 100 yards.  CCI primers.  Federal brass.  155g TMK bullet.  ...

Interesting SCAR PDW Stocks

Found these images recently and thought they were interesting. It seems more and more aftermarket options are coming out for the SCAR rifles. I...

Chicks Dig SCARS, And I Dig The MREX

Kinetic showed its MREX SCAR receiver extension as a simple, durable and lightweight solution for the SCAR rifle platform. It allows for removal of...