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Refreshed Main Shooting Position.

Refreshed Main Shooting Position

Well..I can’t spend months buying equipment and putting in work to not show some of the results. Here is the refreshed and reorganized Main...
Cutting trails for Massey 4707

Pole Saw Work

Part of the effort of introducing a large cabbed tractor is having to cut any offending branches on the existing trail system. Since most...
Brush Hog John1911 Gun Range

POTD – 7 Hours of Bush Hogging

The bad news is I have been bush hogging for 7 hours. The good news is the bush hog actually ran for 7 hours!...
Plate Rack Maintenance. Falling plate rack.

Plate Rack Maintenance 

While shooting some drills on the plate rack, I noticed a plate wasn’t falling that I thought should have. And instead of being target...

POTD – Night Ops

Indiana whitetail buck 2020

Doc Takes a Buck

This is the biggest whitetail Doc has ever shot. He went into 2020 with a goal: He bought one buck-tag and waited for the...
Hinderer Knives - The Emmett

Eat Your Heart Out…2020

From Farm (John1911 range) To butcher block. To pot. To plate. To table.  Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Rifle Shooting Position Retaining Wall

Rifle Position Retaining Wall

We have mostly been shooting precision rifles from under the shelter. And with that, I have neglected to admin a problem at the main...
Trail Cam Bucks Opening Week 2019 John1911 Range

Trail Cam Bucks

Trail camera bucks on the John1911 range. Opening week, 2019. 700 yard impact area. Many doe.    “Officer Mike” www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Pistol Pit Retaining Wall Construction

Pistol Pit Retaining Wall

Pistol Pit Retaining Wall Well the day has finally come. It’s time to “start” the fix on the pistol pit. The one mistake I made...

Seeding the Range

It’s not glamorous, sexy or fun. But we need to clean up all the dozer damage. So seeding is on order for 2019. The...