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Superformance Powder - Curve Matching Loads.

Curve Matching Powder Loads

Doc has been having issues sourcing his preferred rifle powder so he has decided to work up an alternative load with Superformance from Hodgdon....
Chronograph PPU 155g Match 308. Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok.

Blaser R8 – 155g Speed Test

Chronograph PPU 155g 308 Doc and I were at the range collecting data and testing a few things. Here is a short video of us...

Wearing Out Your Reloading Equipment

This fall a friend and I went out to test some loads for a new rifle of his. A Weatherby in 257WBY. What does this...

Episode 35 John1911 Podcast

Episode 35 of the John1911 Podcast is live:     Obama executive orders on FFLs. Bosnian hates UN Freeze says I can't talk about Turkey. Mag...

I am over the Magnetospeed

A close friend of ours purchased a Magnetospeed a while back. He wanted to replace his old fashioned chronograph that uses screens and a...