Monday, September 25, 2023
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Russian Sniper In The Open

Russian Sniper in The Open

This title is a little pushy. I’m sure some of you thought this was going to be a photo from Syria or Ukraine. Or...

Can I use my MILSURP Sniper in a Class?

This question came in recently. I suspect it was prompted by the decision to get Freeze into a modern bolt action rifle for use...

POTD – Russian Sniper Rifle Testing

POTD - Russian Sniper Rifle Testing Some quick pictures from the range today. We were filming the answer to a question a viewer asked. So...

Russian Troops Capture Mosin Sniper in Syria

War is a funny thing. It is always a wonder, for both sides, what weapons turn up. In this case it is reported that...

POTD — Freeze’s Cleaning Table

Just after deer season finished up, I had stopped by Freeze’s home to drop off some gear. And as luck would have it, he...

Tour of AIM Warehouse

There has been great interest in the latest raffle gun. The hand-picked Mosin-Nagant Russian Sniper. Many are inquiring as to how we came in...