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Etosha National Park

Hunt Over

I am done hunting so the Safari outfitter brought me to Etosha National Park.  About 5 hours north of the hunting camp.  This lodge is awesome.  Park...
Hunting Camp Accommodations

Hunting Camp

My “hut”. I am really roughing it.  No spa.  Can’t have everything! No joy this morning. Saw lots but no opportunity for a shot. Try again this afternoon. Slept a...
Black Wildebeest -Namibia

Black Wildebeest

Finally got phone set-up.  Arrived Windhoek without issue.   Camp is flat awesome. Have my only little hut, very modern.  Everyone is great. Red...
Weatherby rifles

The Guns Not Taken

Editor’s note: Doc was supposed to be in Africa on Safari right now. But COVID round two was playing havoc on his logistics plan...

Packing For Safari

By the time you read this, I will have returned from a 10-day plains game safari in Namibia and I thought you might be...

Hunting in Africa

Oddly enough, I was asked to join a Safari hunt this past winter. It's going on right now. Would I have bought a lion tag?...

You Won’t Live Forever

  "From the first, faraway wooooo-uppp of the pack gathering to the sniggering chitter of the kill, the hyena is telling you something you don’t...