Sunday, May 22, 2022
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The Taliban SCAR-17 is Back

Photos and video have been making the rounds of Taliban fighters spotted with US Military equipment. Specifically a FDE SCAR-17 variant. Citing open source intel,...

SCAR-17 Load Data 175g Sierra

A friend was shooting his SCAR-17 with a Vortex muzzle device. Some have inquired about the load data used for the pictured group. 5...

Video — Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider

A friend of ours switched from his factory FN muzzle break to a Smith Enterprises Vortex. And it was like a whole new gun....

Video — Disassembly of SCAR 16 Piston

I get this question usually from people interested in picking up a SCAR rifle. How easy is it to clean the gas system /...