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SIG 550 Aftermarket Trigger

SIG 551 Aftermarket Trigger Up-Close

By viewer request, here are up close images of the SIG 551 aftermarket trigger. No, it’s not a drop-in cartridge like some of the...
SIG 550 Trigger Install

SIG 551 Trigger Install Tips

SIG 551 Trigger Install Tips The production quality of this video is quite poor. This is because it was made for internal consumption. We have...

SCAR 20s – An Up close View

So I finally got a chance to handle an honest-to-goodness FNH SCAR-20s rifle. And here are my initial observations: The Geiselle trigger is a...

SCAR Aftermarket Trigger: 1500 Rounds Later

A while back I did a quick post about a friends SCAR-17 rifle. In particular I discussed a aftermarket trigger he installed that wasn’t...