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SIG 551a1 100y zero.

SIG 551a1 100y Zero

As I intimated a few months ago, we are converting all reference and working tac rifles back to 100 yard zeros. While the 25,...
Video Short - SIG 551a1

Video Short – SIG 551a1

Video Short - SIG 551a1 A video short of shooting the SIG 551a1 rifle.          Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Might Drop The 50 Yard Zero - SIG 551a1

Might Drop The 50 Yard Zero

So while I was test shooting the SIG 551 truck gun, I kinda had a revelation about tac rifle zeros. I might drop the...
SIG 551a1 Accuracy

POTD – SIG 551A1 Group Check

So with this cold weather, I decided I needed to some zero checking / adjusting. The rifle is my current truck gun: SIG 551a1...
SIG 551a1 Rifle Upgrades and configuration.

SIG 551a1 Configuration

Made enough upgrades and changes to the SIG USA 551a1 that it merits a video. Just easier to film it than write about it.  Short...
ESD Sling

Edger Sherman Designs Sling

Still working on accessorizing the SIG 551a1 and as you can see from other posts, it’s been “Sling Week” around here.  Well…I have put my...
Frank Proctor Sling - Way Of The Gun

Sling – 551a1

I have neglected accessorizing the SIG 551 for long enough. Over the next few weeks, I will start to change that. Today…was the start...
Shooting SIG 551a1

Exercising The Truck Gun

Exercising The Truck Gun Pulled the SIG 551a1 out to do some basic drills and practice with it. Position shooting. Magazine reloads. And trigger works....
SIG 551a1 Rifle

Don’t Scare The Horses 

It’s been a while since we discussed this, but I still carry the SIG 551a1 in the truck. And yes, I still use a...
SIG 551a1

SIG 551A1 Status Check

Yup. Still running the 551a1 as my main carbine / truck gun. Been filming content with other things, but this is still being used....
SIG 551a1 Magazines

POTD – Marking Mags

POTD - Marking Mags I haven’t been publishing videos with it, but we are still shooting the SIG 551A1 rifle. Getting tired of only have...
Sig 551a1 Green Furniture

SIG 551a1 – Green Furniture 

So we broke down and purchased all the Swiss Army green furniture for the US made SIG 551. Why? Simple. The black fore-end moves...
Shimming RDS Mount.

Shimming RDS Mount

While putting an Aimpoint on the SIG 551 rifle, I noticed the Scalarworks mount kept coming lose at the bench. After a number of...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-221: 14” Hog Leg

Episode 221 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. SIG 551A1 Impresses. Second Edition 1911 Vickers’ Guide. Avenatti gets 30 months. Clinton / Haiti...

Christmas Gifts at The Armory

Like most offices, gift giving can be a tough endeavor. Especially when you consider keeping things cost appropriate. So...this year when asked, I put the...