Friday, January 28, 2022
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P210 Pistol

SIG P210 Takedown

I have gotten enough questions about this that it warrants a video. Also at some point, we will probably need this video internally.  What is...

POTD – New Pistol Section

POTD - New Pistol Section Been shuffling around some of the guns in The Armory. The goal is to be more organized and efficient. To...
SIG P210 Target

SIG P210 Cleaning

So I had a chance to get into the P210 yesterday and clean it. Without going into great detail beyond the scope of our...
SIG P210 Target.

Thoughts on SIG P210

Took these shots on Halloween. Officer Mike had already test fired the pistol off camera. But while I have your attention during a “first...
SIG P210 Target 9mm Reproduction.

SIG P210 Target

The SigUSA P210 Target. It’s amazing they re-popped these. If you have ever wanted a P210 but couldn’t justify the price? You have to...