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Thoughts on SIG P210

SIG P210 Target.
SIG P210 Target.

Took these shots on Halloween. Officer Mike had already test fired the pistol off camera. But while I have your attention during a “first shots” video, let me share my thinking about this gun. 

The SIG P210 is considered an iconic handgun. Especially in the history of military service pistols. Some claim it’s the greatest, most accurate service pistol in history. Those same folks have driven the market on these sky high. 

How high you ask? It’s nothing to see original examples of this handgun selling for between 4 and 6 thousand dollars. It’s a cool gun. But that’s a lot of green. I’m not even inferring it’s not worth it. Surely it is. The market ultimately says so. 

But now SIG USA has remade these to original specs mechanically and qualitatively. Even added some modern touches to the control surfaces. All for a mere fraction of what the current MILSURP ones bring. 

So listen up. These will not be made forever. And as soon as sales start to taper off, It’ll be lights-out on the P210 production line.

Your choice. Pay a fraction now or pay-up painfully later? Do nothing and end up as one of these guys who always complains about gun prices or missing the boat.  

The clock is ticking, even if SIG won’t admit it. 






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