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Carry Your Precision Rifle

Carry Your Precision Rifles

Without casting any stones, I just want to make a pretty basic but often overlooked point: It doesn’t matter if your rifle is green,...
Countdown Hostage Rescue Shot. SWAT Training.

Hostage Rescue at Ice Station Zebra

Doc and I were at the Uber-private, cool-kid, LEO-only range recently. It’s a range I have heard about for at least 15 years, but...
Game Changer, Wiebad Bag, standard rear bags.

Various Shooting Bags

About a year ago, I decided to up by shooting bag game. As such, I have been buying and playing with quite a few...
SCAR-20s Load Testing TMK 518 yards.

SCAR-20s 518 Yards Load Testing

“Doc” and I were out on the range testing some of his hand loads. Here he is shooting some 175g TMK’s in his SCAR-20s.  One...

Thoughts on ARD’s and Killflash

If you want the quick answer and don’t want to watch the video, here it is. ARD’s are fine. They have their place. But...

500 Yard First Shots Official

Ok. This part of the property is done. So a friend of ours wanted to shoot his SCAR-17 and try it out.  So while I...

Blaser Tactical 2 Barrel Installed

Blaser tactical 2 556 barrel is ready to go. Scope installed. Eye relieve set. Having a 223 caliber precision rifle is always very handy...