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S&W No-Dash 442 Nickel

Shooting a Rare Revolver

Plinking around with a J-frame revolver. This one is a “no-dash”, Smith & Wesson Model 442. But the kicker is unlike most 442’s that...
POTD - It’s so big

POTD – It’s So Big…

“The revolver you carry vs the pistol she told you not to worry about.” -Redbook magazine       (probably)               ...
Fall Fashion Week. S&W 442 J-Frame 38 Special.

Fall Fashion Week: S&W 442

For many years I refused to even purchase a j-framed revolver. Why? I didn’t want to be tempted to carry it! Yes I really...

Holy Grail Speed Loader — HKS S&W 547 9mm Luger

The S&W K-framed 547 is a rare revolver. It’s not super rare like some registered magnums, but uncommon. The reason being when these were...