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Accuracy International 50BMG


So that one team that has the Accuracy International AX-ELR showed up on property again today. They shot some targets across the course.  But at...
Accuracy International 50 BMG SWAT Sniper Rifle.

All The Signature

Some SWAT Snipers hit the John1911 range to run their 50 caliber AI. And I have to tell you, even with Peltors on 20...
GA Precision FBI HRT Rifle

FBI HRT Rifle: 0.14 MOA Group

    Shooter: Officer Mike. Rifle: GAP FBI HRT. Ammo: 168g FGMM. Range: 100 yards.         Officer Mike www.John1911.com "Shooting Guns & Having Fun"
FBI HRT Rifle Made by GAP. .37 MOA. 100 yards. 5 Shot Group.

Eat Your Heart Out 

Officer Mike sent this over after seeing Doc’s SCAR-20 Group.  —Editor       Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Blaser Tactical 2 SWAT Protest Overwatch

Blaser Tac 2 Protest Overwatch

With all the Marxist violence that has been taking place across the country, our nation’s SWAT teams have been very busy. Why you ask?  Simple....

GA Precision FBI HRT Rifle

So Officer Mike and Doc were back at the 600 yard shooting position testing it out. Not the rifles, but the grade.  Should I put...
Knights Armament. KAC - PVS-30 Night Vision

KAC PVS-30 White Phosphorus 

Knights Armament Corp clip-on PVS-30 night-vision.    Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Officer Mike’s Noveske N4 Afghan Setup

A few weeks back some readers inquired about the details and particulars of Officer Mike’s rifle. So here you go. —Ed Make - Noveske  ...

Cold Weather Range Shakedown

So…it was a 1 degree day with winds gusting from 15-20mph. And “Officer Mike” wanted to see the rifle range progress. And I wanted...


On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase (SHS) we are featuring a rifle that’s pretty well thought of in particular circles: The LWRC...

SCAR 20s Has Arrived

One of our good friends, who our readers have seen shooting his SCAR-17s many times, has sold off his 17 and replaced it with...

Police Snipers Confirming 1000 Yard Dope

I had a chance to shoot with some police snipers a while back. The main goal of this trip was to confirm 1000 yard...

SCAR-17 Gets a Bad Rap and other Cliches

Perusing some of the bigger precision rifle shooting forums and you will detect a common thread among a wide variety of shooters: The SCAR-17...