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The John1911 Podcast

EP-255: Cheap Harbor Freight Sex Toys

Episode 255: SIG 551 updates. Leica's new thermal scope. Edger Sherman Sling wins. NY AG wants Pierre out. Amber Heard or Turd? Russian RV...
Ukraine v Russia war update. April 14th, 2022. Ravi Rikhye

Ukraine update April 14, 2022 0900 US EDT

To save time, I am not giving URLs but you can easily find them yourself. 1, Moscova cruiser 1a. Russia says the ship is being towed...
War in Ukraine April 5th, 2022

Ukraine: The War Moves East – April 4-5, 2022.

In summary: good news, hopeful new and bad news.  1. The good news is that all Russian armies (there were 4 IIRC) in North Ukraine...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-251: Coffee & Valium

Epsiode 251 of the John1911 Podcast   Russian atrocities revealed. Ukraine using facial recognition software. Putin's stupid move: Keeping foreign reserves in G7 banks. 10k...
Ravi Rikhye Ukraine War Analysis

Ukraine Strikes Occupied Kherson Air Base

1. Ukraine forces attacked Kherson Air Base in the south probably with artillery or rockets from the pictures. The base is being used by...

Maxim Machine Gun In the Wild

War is a funny thing. Americans generally don’t conceptually understand that getting weapons in many third world conflicts means raiding arsenals, museums or buying...