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What is this Luger

What Is This Luger?

Ok. Here’s the deal. We acquired this German Luger from an estate. I don’t know much about Lugers beyond them being Lugers & made...
German Luger

POTD – German Luger

The John1911 Armory recently picked up an entire estate of firearms. As for why will become clear later in the year. But in the...
Luger Replacement Grips

Replacement Luger Grips 

So...those replacement Luger grips from SARCO are done. FYI...”minor fitting” probably didn’t mean what you think it means. But it’s a good product and...

POTD – Our Luger

I’ve never been interested in the Luger pistols. They are cool and I get the historical significance. And frankly 30 Luger doesn’t have a...