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UTG Super Slim RDS Riser

UTG Super Slim RDS Riser.

So…Freeze and I have been playing with some lightweight AR setups. In his case, he put together a pistol. On n the other hand I put down some shiny coin on a BCM upper receiver group. 

Well…we had settled on some Bushnell TRS-25 red-dots. So…we picked up two of those. But now…obviously due to how the AR stock doesn’t have any drop, we needed some risers. 

The criteria. I am want light weight. Freeze wants cheap. I think we slip the baby quite well with these UTG Super Slim risers. Weight is one ounce. Height is one inch. Now…to be fair, we haven’t actually put ANY rounds under these. But on first blush, they seem like pretty high quality. 

Freeze’s Pistol Build with RDS.

I think we paid $44 for the set. Now before we go down the rabbit hole about higher tier risers, I didn’t see a way to get the TRS-25 on to a Scalarworks mount. And frankly, Scalarworks didn’t see a way either. 

Riser stats.

But I gotta say, I think these will be just fine. A little loctite on the screws and we are good to go. But there is a catch. Err…well a hitch. Or perhaps some might look at it as a character flaw. 

My LMT/BCM with mount. My next truck gun?

I have found this LMT/BCM 14.5” rifle so slim, trim and lively in the hand. I am seriously considering pulling the SCAR-16 out of the truck and replacing it with this. And if I make the BCM more than just a range toy, it’s gonna get the Aimpoint Micro and QD mount from the SCAR. 

Decisions. Decisions. 






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