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Video — Fixing AR70 Mag Trick

Beretta AR70 - AR/70 Magazines

Put this video together as an alternative to some planning stuff with a Winchester 52C. A massive lightening storm drove me indoors. While I am not opposed to shooting in the rain, and even lightening, the now under-rare Unertl 10x scope on the Winchester 52 gives me paused in thunderstorms.

You can see it on the hood of the jeep behind me.

But…I am showing some Beretta AR70 Magazines. For those who don’t know, they are becoming more and more scarce in the US. Typically they sell for well over $100 a piece. So one needs to keep them running. Forever.

But if you are at the local gun show and in the market for some used / surplus magazines don’t forget to take your handy-dandy mag-tool with you (dowel rod). You can use it to test followers at the seller’s table. And if they stick, negotiate a lower price.

And….if you have a follower stick on a regular mag, use the dowel rod trick to set it free. Banging on the sides, bottoms and especially the tops (feed lips) on rare milsurp mags is considered bad form.

Now you know.

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