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A while back perusing some pawn shops I ran across something I didn’t know existed. New production Luger pistols. At least in this case, “New Old Stock” since I believe they have been out of production for a number of years.

Best I can tell these don’t have the greatest reputation for being reliable. And since we already have a P08 9mm Luger these are not something I would be interested in.

But I have to tell you, had I known that a modern 9mm Luger was possible, I might not have worked so hard to get the P08 acquired for the armory to begin with. Because we are more interested in shooter grade guns, not collector grade.



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  • Who knew? Someone tried to repop the expensive to make Lugar.


  • Brennen Munro

    The fit sure looks a bit dicey in pictures #7 & 8. I’ve seen war year models with better fit and polishing. I remember some guy who was trying to build a run of something like a thousand guns in 45cal. that he wanted to get 10k per unit for… I wonder what ever happened with that guy? If I am not mistaken, one of the reasons why the Luger pistol functioned as well as it did was due to the hand fitting by so many master craftsmen that not only knew their part of the build, but each of the others as well. So if Hans was having a bad day, Uwe could pick up his slack and keep everything running smoothly along on the factory floor. You were more than likely better off getting an old one that was a shooter than trying too purchase something being built in the last fifty years or so!


    • Interesting comment. I only know as much about Lugars as Freeze tells me. So we did just that. Picked up P08 instead.


  • B. Young

    Always wanted one of those being stainless steel. I have an original vintage shooter though. If I remember right when those were new they more than the price of even collector Lugers which is why they were not real popular. As far as poor function for any Luger I found its almost always weak ammo(or the mag spring)you need military strength ammo.